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Windshield glass repair – 4 Important FACTS!

A damaged windshield is dangerous for multiple reasons. It can impair the driver’s vision, and can endanger everyone in the car during an accident. The windshield can take up to 60% of the car’s weight in the event of a rollover, and a crack or chip can easily compromise the windshield’s structural integrity. When you notice damage on your windshield, call us at Pro Glass. With the help of our mobile service, you can be safely back on the road quickly.

Check out these 4 things to know about windshield repair:

Different Types of Damage

It’s important to understand exactly how your windshield is damaged. Chips, cracks, broken seals…  It is important to find a company that can help you get the whole service done without having to make multiple trips, or worse, multiple claims. By examining your windshield and doing some research, you can determine if you have a chip, crack, or a pit, and whether the repair is simple or a full replacement.

Safety is Paramount

One little ding or crack may not seem like an emergency situation to you. But it’s reason to take your car into your local auto glass center ASAP. Even a tiny amount of damage can have a significant impact on your windshield’s integrity. And if you’re in a crash, the results could be disastrous. A structurally sound windshield may break during a collision, but due to the resin layer, it stays together. If there’s a crack, though, it could break into pieces or even cause your car’s roof to collapse. You may think you’re a responsible and safe driver, but it takes only a moment to get into a horrific accident. A compromised windshield can make a bad crash even worse.

Trust the Experts

Repairing or replacing your auto glass without the proper equipment, and experience, can be dangerous. As experts in the Central Texas area, we’ve seen first hand the damage that an untrained hand can do to a windshield, often leading to a much higher cost than if the work had been done by experts to begin with. It can seem cost effective to attempt windshield repair on your own, but it may cost you more in the end. Trust the experts at Pro Glass to get your windshield back in top condition, and give you peace of mind.

Use High Quality Materials

Repairing a windshield involves using a urethane adhesive to seal damage, making chips and cracks virtually invisible and preventing them from spreading. The higher the quality of the adhesive, the more successful the repair. The best adhesives available in Austin, Texas might cost more, but they are certified to meet crash test criteria, and often dry much more quickly. It is important to know that high quality materials are being used so you don’t have to fix, a fix.

When it comes to your Auto Glass needs, Pro Glass is happy to serve your Central Texas family. Backed by 20 years of consistently, good quality service we are here for your vehicle glass needs!

**all major insurances accepted**

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