With Pro Glass, we know that have a piece of heavy equipment down will stop the ENTIRE job site.

We offer same day service, in most cases, and will travel anywhere in Texas to get your equipment glass repaired.

We can hand cut the glass to fit exactly what you need so we will have you up and running as fast as possible. On the occasion that we are not able to cut your part and don’t have it in stock we will get it ordered.

When you need a glass repair done Pro Glass is one of the ONLY glass repair companies in Central Texas that can travel to your site and hand cut glass to fit your repair needs.

If you need glass in your earth movers or other heavy equipment, Pro Glass is the place to call!

We replace all types of glass on loaders, backhoes, tractors, bobcats, forklifts and other vehicles. In most cases, we can use the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass; if not we will use the original equipment equivalent (OEE) heavy equipment glass.

Call us right away when your equipment is down, and we can help as soon as possible.

Travel throughout central Texas is not a problem.